The Spoken English Course we offer focuses on natural English pronunciation with intensive speaking practice combined with self-study vocabulary exercises which will be provided by us.

Our self-study material is specially designed workbook, which will help students do a variety of communicative tasks and trainers hired for this task will give advice about how one can improve the fluency and accuracy in Spoken English. Our new suite of courses offers students, the opportunity at different levels which provides them the confidence in speaking the language with correct pronunciation. Each lesson is based on a topic that is relevant to real life communication. Courses are planned at Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels. English is everywhere, in every industry, be it in India or abroad. To stay ahead of competition or to get-in into the company of your choice, fluency in spoken and written English communication is a must. Here are some of the major plus points of being fluent in English.

Competitive Advantage: Today is the time of globalization and worldwide collaboration. In these times, you are at a great loss if you are not good at the language. Speaking perfect and fluent English makes you stand-out and stand-up to the competition. If you apply to a company, they judge you by the way you speak English. Nobody wants a candidate who can’t speak or write in English effectively.

Universal Language: English is now a universal language. There are places where you can’t speak their native language because you don’t know it, and likewise, they might not know your native language. As a result, communication and day to day activities become a big issue. English is a language that every nation understands.

Communication: English is the most preferred communication medium across the world. If your English isn’t up to the mark, you cannot succeed as it is the yardstick of notable communication across all spheres.

Status: Not knowing English can be embarrassing at most times. If you’re in school/college/university and can’t speak properly and clearly, your fellow-students might look down on you for not knowing English. In the professional world, this becomes a major reason for stress and frustration.

While most of us study English at school/college, the fact remains that the English we learn here is not geared towards enhancing our spoken skills. The inability to speak English fluently is not evident while interacting with friends. It makes its presence felt when you need it the most during job interviews, while making presentations to potential clients or partners, when you have to talk to native. 

English speakers, when you are in an environment where not speaking English confidently and correctly makes you a social outcast, the list is endless. So, it’s not enough to think your English is good, what you need to ask yourself is “How confidently can I face the English speaking world?”

The traditional method of teaching English in India emphasizes only on grammar, memorizing words, translations etc. It does not foster effective speaking skills. To speak English fluently you need a specially designed course, coupled with effective methodology that not only teaches you to speak correctly but also focuses on improving your diction as well as accent.

Welcome to our world
As one of the National Leaders in Linguistic Skills Training, we’ve built a world where the future is created every day. This means that when you join us, you’ll not only be learning English language with the best trainers but will be bound to see the perceptible difference in your personality as well. So no matter where your interest lies or what your dreams are for the future- you’ll find your place with us. Virtual Voyage is an equal opportunity provider. We welcome and encourage diversity here.

EXTRA DOZE is the only national level institute which offers such wide range of courses meant for all age group and thought processes keeping their expectations and capabilities and limitations in the view. The courses being offered here are direct, practical, conceptual, highly structured, qualitative, comprehensive, futuristic and above all effective & result oriented. The teaching methodology makes use of highly effective techniques instead if stereotyped ways and techniques.

Many students have this misconception that they need proficiency in English language only if they aspire to join an MBA institute. As English is increasingly becoming the preferred language of communication all over the world and especially in fast growing Indian market, linguistic skills and an impressive personality will improve and brighten your career prospects in any field.

ENGLISH: do you remember how you learned to speak your native language (Mother tongue)? Well, probably not, you were just a baby when you learned and were listening and speaking quite well before you ever went to school. We teach English as close as possible to the way you learned to listen and speak as a baby. As this is FUN English, our teachers will spend lots of energy helping you to speak and listen better. Join us for and exciting trip. Come with us as we explore beautiful mountain environment in and around us.