About Us


In the last two decades, India has witnessed a sea change in its foreign investment policy resulting in it being one of the most preferred investment destinations. With growing globalization and liberalization, brand awareness has been created in the Indian masses and today, India is the one of the biggest and fastest emerging markets for various businesses across the world. Being geographically vast and culturally diverse, India offers the most favorable franchising environment with a huge consumer market. Franchising in this respect has managed to pick up as a successful business module for local companies in India.

Now looking at this mounting demand for specialized work force it becomes imperative that we increase our base and bridge this gap, fulfilling needs of the industry and the students alike. This also gives us a huge scope to grow and which is why we invite you to become our partners in growth.

We are pleased to know that you are as interested in growth as we are.

At EXTRA DOZE there are a variety of ways to challenge one’s mind, explore career avenues of interest and develop skills in various areas.

INDIA.. is a country of tremendous potential which comes from its Youth. As the PM Narendra Modi ji rightly said at Central Park, NYC that “Some believe that the world changes with the wisdom of the old. I think that the idealism, innovation, energy and ‘can-do’ attitude of the youth is even more powerful."

But in our rural sector, the access to right information is still restricted. There is lack of guidance and motivation. Spirit of entrepreneurship is sparse. Amongst this, we are seeking for who want to be leaders conquer the hurdles and aim for horizons, and whose aim is to empower those, who were born with lesser privileges, guiding them towards right career path.

India is a country of infinite opportunities. Many modern day courses have come up today, which have opened innovative job opportunities in every sector. $100 billion foreign investments are knocking at India’s door. This means more jobs which require skilled professionals. So contributing a little to our nation’s growth we are nurturing the talent by providing growth and development opportunities in all aspects. Now our aim is to make the youth ready, especially in rural areas, so that they can be a part of this Modern Day India.

Cutting edge capability, securing the deal, connecting with others, achieving success are the creative assets of today’s rapidly growing, multi faced, globally interactive business world.

Making a difference is a very fine line.

Acquiring the skills and tools required to stand apart, staying ahead and moving closer to achieving goals, has become the hallmark of positive change. Even the domain knowledge and expertise are not enough. It is vital to be professional, creative, and capable of generating and communicating ideas. Learning how to initiate, organize and manage individual and collective learning and career development is as important as manufacturing and business building.

And most importantly identifying inclination and area of interest & most appropriate career then preparing right base for the same during schooling years and getting right guidance at every step is very-very important. The biggest hurdle in anyone's professional growth is the language factor. Not everyone is fortunate to attain good quality English training and that is solely the reason why this idea came into existence.

All this has brought us in a world where communication skills and personality development have become pre requisites all over the world and most importantly in fast growing Indian market. Along with this recognizing your inner talent and making it into a profession is need of the hour!

So here comes Virtual Voyage which has established a clear vision and focus, to play a leading role to source and provide the best opportunities. For the talented youth of India to stand up to today's world's expectations and succeed globally.

We have already served a few thousands and want to reach millions more. Virtual Voyage is continuously growing and expanding its franchisee network of authorized Training Centre, to make quality training accessible across the country, even to remotest locations at low cost. So if you also dream like us, come and be a part of our family. Together let us direct our efforts to the grassroots level and reach where they are needed most and contribute to our youth's and nation's growth!

I am glad that our family of successful students and professionals keeps expanding. However, our instructors, industry experts and recourse personals have a narrower focus—They focus on the success of every individual student.

We invite all those who share our vision, goals and purpose to join hands in our efforts to build a new cadre of professionals, who will participate actively in the growth of this era of economic liberalization and globalization. Come, let us build a prosperous new world TOGETHER!!

Over the years we have invested time to understand the art & science of franchising & the need to foster a harmonious working relationship with our “Clients"- Our Franchisee Owners. Franchising is about providing Leadership and the implementation of a shared vision.

We have a simple definition for our success: “When you succeed, we succeed".

Welcome to EXTRA DOZE… Welcome to Success!